get the look

today i have a new idea ,that i hope you ll like
have you ever looked at a picture and went like ;'ohhh where did she get that' , or like ;'i wish i had that '
well today i thought ill get those kinda of pictures  ,find the links and share them

i hoep this will be a start of a long serie
msg me anypiture you wanna see and ill d love to be in help

today star :

i love the look from the top to the bottom , how everything falls together in a beautiful way , found this picture on instagram
i manage to find few links so here we go:
Long Trench Coat

Zaful trench coat

the shirt im not sure but i put something similair to it

white shirt :

Zaful white shirt
the bag , ifound is out of stock unfortanelly
but here you go ;

Zaful white shirt

the shoe :

Zaful shoes

the jumpsuit is the tricky part  i m not sure if its this one but here you go

to check any item click on the image , if i did it right hehe , if not let me know
i hope you liked this
please share kissess